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  • Important Dates:

    • October 13, 2013
      Deadline to request exclusion (“opt-out”) from the Settlement
    • October 13, 2013
      Deadline to object to the Settlement
    • November 12, 2013
      Final Approval Hearing


    If your Community Bank Account is open and you are eligible for a payment under the Settlement, you received an account credit on January 31, 2014.

    If your Community Bank account has been closed and you are eligible for a payment under the Settlement, you will receive payment by check. Your check was mailed on January 31, 2014.

    Please be patient in waiting for your check to arrive.

    All the information you need regarding your account credit or check is availableon this website.

    Go to the FAQs for detailed information.

    If You Paid Overdraft Fees to Community Bank,
    You May Be Eligible for a Payment from a Class Action Settlement1  

    Case Background

    The purpose of this website is to inform you about a proposed Settlement of this class action lawsuit and about all of your options before the Court decides whether to give Final Approval to the Settlement. This website explains the lawsuit, the Settlement, your legal rights, what benefits are available, who may be eligible for those benefits, and how to get them.

    A $2.5 million Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit about the order in which Community Bank, N.A. (“Community”) posted Debit Card Transactions to consumer deposit accounts, and the effect the posting order had on the number of Overdraft Fees the bank charged its account holders. Community denies the claims in the lawsuit and maintains there was nothing wrong about the posting order used. The Court has not decided which side is right.

    If you received notice of the Settlement by a postcard addressed to you, then you are a member of the Settlement Class. But even if you did not receive a postcard, you may still be a member of the Settlement Class. You are a member of the Settlement Class if: (a) you had a Community consumer deposit account that was accessible with a Community Debit Card between July 20, 2006 and August 15, 2010; and (b) were charged one or more Overdraft Fees as a result of Community’s practice of posting Debit Card Transactions from highest to lowest dollar amount. If you did not receive a postcard addressed to you, but believe you are a member of the Settlement Class, please contact the Settlement Administrator.

    Payments will be automatically made to Settlement Class Members. Details on the formula for determining Settlement Class Member Payment amounts, and other Settlement benefits are included in the Long Form Notice and the Settlement Agreement, both of which are available on this website.

    If you would like further information about the claims asserted in this case, you can review a copy of the Settlement Agreement here.

    1All capitalized terms herein have the same meanings as the defined terms in the Settlement Agreement, a copy of which may be found on this website.